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What rights do i have as a resident manager who gets laid off

Los Angeles, CA |

I have been working as a resident manager in hollywood for 5 yrs. After 5 yrs of dedication, I get a call that I am laid off and I have to leave in 30 days. I have been working full time for the company for a minimal fee and have to save $ for a few months before I can afford to move out.. what can I do?

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Did you have an employment agreement or were you an at-will employee? If you were an at-will employee, they can lay you off. Likely, a good portion of your compensation was being able to live there rent free. You can try to speak with them and see if they are wiling to extend your employment for a short while until you have found a new place to move to. Be sure to consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.


Unfortunately, unless you have a specific written employment agreement which sets forth your rights and obligations, you as an employed resident manager don't really have much rights in California.

Presumably, if your employer provided you with housing as part of your employment, you will have to move out within the 30 days.

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