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What rights do I have against harassing neighbors?

Tucson, AZ |

Downstairs neighbor moved in about 5 days ago. Our dog was barking late last night when our landlord talked to us about and we acknowledged we would fix the issue and it wouldnt happen again. Then the downstairs neighbor took the liberty of coming upstairs and harassing us about it after. She was condescending, was talking down to us and all around rude. Her complaint was not only about the dog but us "walking too hard" Our apartment floor is extremely thin and its well known by management that its not our fault when we walk around it sounds like stomping. She threatened to call the management on us and would complain about everything. It started to turn into harassment. What rights do I have with this?

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You have a couple of options, neither of which may be easy or simple. You can write to your landlord now and tell the landlord about the harassment and the "walking too hard" complaint. The idea is to get your written statement on the issue in place now with the landlord to help defend you against any complaints against you she may make.

The other path is to call the police if she is harassing you. They may talk to her, they may issue her a warning, or they may tell you that it is a civil matter that they will not get involved in. Even if they do not help, you should ask for a report to be taken so that you have proof of your efforts in case you need it for your landlord or in case you need to call the police again later if she keeps harassing you.

Depending upon how this plays out, you may want to talk to a Tucson landlord/tenant attorney as you too have a right to quiet enjoyment and your landlord may need to sent a letter stating that the landlord needs to help keep this woman from harassing you.

Disclaimer: This answer is provided for informational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. I am licensed in Arizona and can only provide general comments on matters outside of Arizona law. Actual legal advice can only be provided after a direct consultation in which all of the relevant facts are considered before providing a response.

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