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What rights do I have? Dealer closed have warranty till car is paid off. Trip permit expired, no plates yet. Car doesn't work.

Vancouver, WA |

Bought a car from a dealership. They gave me 50/50 warranty were if anything goes wrong with car I pay for parts and they pay for labor. Business closed down and DMV had to hunt them down. Still don't have license plates, trip permit expired. Haven't been able to drive vehicle which they promised to fix and say they can't now. But they want me to pay them my monthly payment. And Now I am 6 days late on payment and the owner says they have a $25 late charge per day your late. I looked at the contract and it does not say anything about that. I tried to call them MANY MANY times and he now calls me back. He says I have to pay my monthly payment and $150 late charge by tomorrow 3/30/13 or they will come get the car. I have expired tags and they can't fix my car. What can I do? Do I have rights

When I bought they gave me a trip permit cause it was from out of state. That expired 3/19/13. Took a little over a week for DMV to get in contact with them. Still nothing. DMV didn't even know they were shutting down. Before they shut down I kept taking the vehicle in trying to get it fixed but they were to busy. Now I can't drive it. Piston rod is going out. Can't drive it now. Still owe $500. Please let me know that I have some rights

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  1. Typically in these situations IF you financed the vehicle with help from dealer you have recourse against the company that holds the paper and perhaps against a bond company.

    In these situations it is best to contact someone good for a low or no fee consultations. Find someone good here:


  2. I agree with Scott, but am also very concerned that they are asking you to pay late fees that are not in the contract and also about whether they actually can have the title to the vehicle to transfer to you. If they don't, then you are paying money for a car that not only doesn't run but also that you cannot own even if you make the payment. You should seek out a local consumer attorney quickly.

    This response does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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