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What recourse doe a credit card company have if I don't make my payments /what steps will they take Thanks

Burbank, CA |

Ican't make my payment

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  1. As a general rule the only remedy a credit card company has for collection is to file suit and obtain judgment against you. With that judgment the creditor can attach all non-exempt property and garnish bank accounts and wages. The judgment will stay on your credit record for 7 years. That's all. To know how the process would affect your individual case, consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

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  2. A credit card company that does not receive timely payments can send you to a collection agency who will then pursue the debt. The credit card company can also report delinquent payments on your credit report. They can also sue you for breach of contract, and if they win, in California they can garnish your wages up to 25% and levy non-exempt assets. If you are struggling with debt, I recommend you consult with a bankruptcy attorney to see if filing bankruptcy would be a good solution. Most of us give free consultations.

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  3. you can probably call them directly and work out a payment plan so that they do not pursue their legal remedies against you. I would try this approach first. If that is unsuccessful you may want to consult with a collection attorney to see what local options you may have.