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What recourse do roommates have when one of them skip out on the lease they signed?

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My brother, a friend of his and myself rented a 4 bedroom house in June. We all signed the lease and agreed to the 2 year term. I paid all up front costs which included first, last month's rent sercurity deposit and paperwork fee because my brother wasn't working yet and his friend said she didn't have it at the time. The end of June my brother's friend said she had to go up north to visit her sistersand she would be back in a week. My brother and I asked her for her share of the rent and she dodged the request everytime. She called from up north and said she is moving out. She came down took her stuff(and some of ours) and left. We have her phone number and phone number and address of one sister. What can we do now? We can not afford this now? I am disable and can not work.

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You can sue the other roommate for the share not paid. If the other person has assets you may collect something. If not, you will likely spend more money, that apparently you dont have, and still not have anything to show for it. Sounds like you need to get a new roommate who can share the expenses and will pay them up front.

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Consult a real estate attorney. If the 2 year lease is not signed by the landlord and two witnesses you may be able to get out of the lease. You may email a copy of the lease to me for review at

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You can sue the room mate for unpaid rent and also should try to mitigate the damage by putting out an ad for another house mate to replace the one that bailed out on you guys...

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