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What recourse do I have as a landlord when I take my tenant to court for non payment of rent and they win?

Ellicott City, MD |

My tenant did not pay the rent in MD and my PM took them to court on my behalf as I am stationed overseas. Despite receiving the rent check late it is the PM's policy to demand a cashiers or bank check for the rent and file in the circuit court. The tenant with no history of late payment, in what I believe in stubbornness, did not pay and went to court. The outcome was in favor of the tenant and according to the PM has never happened in their 30 years of business. Apparently the judge was ruling in favor of several tenants that day and waiving their obligation for rent despite very lame excuses and stupidity on tenants parts. My PM feels the judge was woefully wrong and wants to pursue the case in appeal which of course requires a lawyer and perhaps considerable expense. What should I do?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. If tenant is paying rent now, why spend money to fight the battle again? Judge was wrong but who cares. You want rent to be paid on time. If it is, you are fine with this tenant. If they do not pay you can file another eviction.

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  2. If the tenant paid the rent, I don't think it is worth the time and expense to appeal the judgment, even if it was wrong. You may want to consider modifying your contract with the property management company or handling your own rent issues in the future.