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What questions will i be asked during my interview?

Yorba Linda, CA |

I'm in the process of filing for my green card through marriage, i had to go through the I-360, because of problems with my spouse. i entered the US legally but overstayed my visa. My 1-360 was approved and i have been called for an interview. i also traveled and returned during this time(i-485 pending).
My questions are will traveling affect the decision and what kind of questions might i expect during this interview?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Traveling should not affect the decision, as long as you did not stay outside of the country for too long. There are a number of questions you will be asked that cannot be detailed on this website.

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  2. The travelling will not affect the decision on your adjustment of status.
    If you are not familiar with the interview process it is always advisable to retain an immigration lawyer to prepare you for the interview.
    You are welcome to use the link provided below.