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What punishment for someone out on probation ,charged with possession of marijuana, grand theft, entering unoccupied dwelling,

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My son is on 3 years probation after serving 90 das in county jail for possessing 0.3 gams of marijuana.
This week he was arrested for Grand theft,entering ink unoccupied dwelling, possession of firearm or ammunition and possession of Marijuana less than 3 grams.
Police claim that he entered a hotel room and stole a camera at the hotel he was staying

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  1. If your son is over 18 and is a convicted felon, he is looking at 3 years minimum if he was in actual possession of the firearm. Otherwise, the Grand Theft is punishable by 5 years prison, the burglary by 15 years prison, and the FA charge by 15 years prison. Get a lawyer.

  2. It is you to tell with the facts given. GT is 5 years, 15 for the Dwelling Burglary, 1 year for the possession. 1 year on the VOP for possession. The possession of. A depends, as Mr. Hornsby said if he is a convicted felon, then he is looking at a max of 15 years, 3 minimum mandatory if he actually possessed. If he is not a convicted felon, then it may be CCF, which is a third degree felony. But watch out, they could file a Burglary while armed, which is a First Degree felony.

  3. Sounds like there may be addiction issues. Probation extension may be an option but with his history, drug tests should be expected. That could result in further probation violations which add up fast when using the florida sentencing guidelines. Next thing you know your son will be scoring mandatory prison. Ask your attorney to ask judge for an alcohol and drug evaluation. Then you will find out if more supervision is realistic. Your son will be desperate and want to just get out but tell him to be patient and have his attorney really talk to him to see if he can complete probation.

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