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What proof do i need to provide law enforcement that a bankruptcy lawyer allowed a person to file with premeditated fraud

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After watching tv shows and such we all know there out there. My loved one was a victim of fraud by a person who used bankruptcy to take out 100,000$ in auto loans and sold the car to my gf which the bank still owned. (Her bf did the selling under his name) She then said that she was told by her lawyer to not report the cars stolen and the bank wants the car my gf was sold by her bf. She claims all the responsibility on the bf and is playing victim card. I know shes in on this and so is the lawyer because of 60,000$ of the debt she owes is because of 2 cars she took loans out on. I am planning on speaking directly to the lawyer of the titled owner of cars. I know .001% of the law and the lawyer knows 110% ... I am a simple man trying to reverse a mistake my loved one made.

Facts* The bf committed grand theft and paperwork fraud.He used a contract to get money upfront and then claimed he would provide title later. I am handling that situation in a different question. lawyer told her to tell the bank that its in the bf's possession. Why the heck wouldnt you report the vehicle stolen and allow the guy to run around working. The same guy who took all this money out and the same guy who sold my gf a truck a bank owns under his name when it was titled under a women. Lawyer knew this and told her to keep quiet so she doesn't screw up her bankruptcy case. There for What else should i do from here because id love to take down the crooked lawyer , titled truck owner and the bf.

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  1. You story does not make complete sense. What you can do is, frankly, stay out of the way and not waste your time and the time of others because you want to "take down" someone or be a hero like those TV shows you mention. From your post, it is not your issue. What your friend needs to do is see another lawyer who can review the details of what really happened, and review all the relevant paperwork. If she signed false schedules or other documents in her case, she might be the one in trouble (and people who do that often try to point the finger at their lawyer).

  2. I've read through the thread of comments following this post, and I am concerned about your gf potentially losing her DRE Salesperson license as a consequence of this situation. I strongly urge that she seek a confidential attorney consultation with a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney with wide experience in fraud cases, AND also a confidential consultation with an experienced professional licensing attorney who can advise her of the options and best course for protecting her State occupational license.

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  3. You need to show some respect for the law enforcement officials you claim to respect and simply provide them with the facts that you personally know about, not the information you obtained second hand. Let the professionals solve the crime, or visit the CSI Experience here in Vegas to solve the fictional crimes you see on tv. Hope this perspective helps!

  4. Amateur lawyering and learning your rules from law shows on television is a recipe for disaster. Even your modesty does not mean that the facts can be poroven. There is a great deal of risk in the facts you post, and your friend needs a competent, private lawyer. Notifying the bankruptcy or a police authority would almost certainly have terrible consequences, not for the boyfriend but your girlfriend.

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  5. Having read all the comments and posts, here's my opinion FWIW. 1) Unless you were a direct victim (your car, your money, etc.). you don't have what is called "standing" to try and solve this. It's not personal, it's just the way the law works. Your girlfriend is the one who has something to lose her and she needs to talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer (who is not the person who told her not to say anything) quickly. 2) This forum can only give the most basic information. There may be important details that a lawyer here doesn't know and could make a difference in how the case is handles. Also, answering a question in this forum does not create an attorney-client relationship so things like confidentiality, etc. don't apply. I don't believe anyone here is intentionally trying to disrespect you - but legally, the only person who can deal with this mess is your girlfriend. I commend you for supporting her during this difficult time, but she's the one who needs to find an attorney to help her out.

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  6. It is my understanding that some Real Estate Agent (REA) conspired with her boyfriend (BF) to acquire some cars with auto loans and then sell those cars to unsuspecting people (GF) without telling GF about the lien on the car. Further, REA filed BK to discharge the auto loan debts.
    That BK fraud would be investigated by the Office of the US Trustee and that's where you should report your suspicions (preferably with facts to back them up). It's probably too late now, but you should have filed an Adversary Proceeding in REA's BK objecting to her being discharged of her liability to GF for the civil fraud that was perpetrated there.
    On a more personal note, when laying out factual scenarios for others to comment on, try to avoid using pronouns without making it clear to whom those pronouns refer.