What petition form do we complete for a ny state ADULT ADOPTION-Does age matter?

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I am 40.He is 60.My parents abandoned me as a minor.He took me in 3 yrs. ago.We take care of each other.We live in a rural area.He is the provider.I am the homemaker.I literally have no blood in my life.I have no one to make the big decisions-not for many years.I am the only family he has here, too.His blood is far away, elderly, disabled, or deceased.He showed me kindness when others didn't.We wish to be acknowledged as kin.We want and need the rights that are respected by government towards kin.What are the court fees?How long can this take?I also don't want to send the courts the wrong idea about the nature of our relationship.I read something about incest laws, but I don't recall which state.

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    Answered . New York does not restrict the age of either party in an adult adoption. New York permits adult adoptions between any consenting adults, but a judge can, in his discretionary powers, rule to not allow any adult adoption. The length of time that an adult adoption can take varies greatly, as do the associated costs. An attorney would be able to help you with this. This will also likely help: http://www.ehow.com/info_12029624_new-york-adop...

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  2. Lawrence John Gibney Jr.

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    Answered . Age is not a factor in an adult adoption. You must file a petition and then a Judge must hear the case in order to insure that the process has been followed. Best of luck to you.

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