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What paperwork needs to be filled out for a divorce without assets or children in adams county, colorado?

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we have been living seperate for 2009. he is in jail in adams county. the home is going through a short sale. we have nothing with both our names on it except the house, that with that short sale has no value. i have been paying upkeep and hoa and utilities on the house alone, he has contributed nothing. there are no children. i just want a divorce with the least amount of paperwork. the forms i am downloading ask for all financial information. but we have nothing together. i have 4 children from a previous marriage. i filed my own tax return for 2009. i have not spoken to him this year at all so i am unsure as to the answers to any of the financial information on him that the forms are asking. can i just fill out the 1101 form or do i have to fill out the whole 1111?

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You have to fill out both the Petition for divorce (form 1101) AND a financial affidavit (form 1111) and a summons (form 1102). Additionally, there are a few other forms that must be completed (the form for certificate of disclosure 1104 and, if there is agreement, a separation agreement, a decree, and an affidavit for non-appearance of the parties.

Even though it sounds like you are not asking for any support, and there are not any assets , the court still requires that a financial affidavit be filed. has a really good self-help section that can guide you.

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