What papers and what court, need to be filed in Oregon for the consumer protection Act.

I bought a used car from a car lot in Milwaukee , OR. To find out it had been in a bad wreck before I bought it, I took out a loan for $9,000. . It's not worth $500. My car Ins. won't even insure it. The frame is bent , the engine cradle is pushed back a inch. or so and all the paint and body has been redone, with the exception of the rear end of the car. The car reports do not show any wrecks and it was purchased from an action by the car lot. I even asked the salesman if it had been in a wreck before I bought it. I've talked with the car lot and the loan company but they won't take it back...... I need to file papers in court but I don't what papers or what court will take this. I only have 3 weeks until the 1 year is up. Help...... I don't have the money to get a lawyer.

Edmonds, WA -

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David Hadley Fuller

David Hadley Fuller

Bankruptcy Attorney - Kent, WA

You should search for "lemon lawyers" or consumer protection lawyers in Oregon who work on contingency.

I am only licensed in WA State. This is only my general observation about the law and my experiences as a... more

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