What pages of our Passports do we have to copy for forms I-130 and I-1485. Should we copy all of them from front to back?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Madison Heights, MI

My husband and I are preparing the paperwork for Immigration forms I-130 and I-485. For both forms, we are required to submit copies of our passports. We were unsure as to which pages were required. we thought it would be silly to copy all of them because most of them don't seem to have relevant information on them. We would greatly appreciate the help.

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    Answered . Submit a copy of the page that has your photo. Submit a copy of the page that has the visa you used for your most recent entry to the USA. Submit a copy of the page that has the stamp indicating the date that you most recently entered the USA. Submit a copy of both sides of your I-94.

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    Answered . I like to submit the biographical page, i.e. the one containing your photo, and any other relevant pages, such as the visa page, pages containing entry-exit stamps, especially US ones , the page showing the validity date on your passport, etc. I always ask for my staff to make copies of the entire passport, from cover to cover. Later I decide which pages to submit and which not to.

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    Answered . As a matter of practice, I typically like to copy the entire passport for submission to USCIS. Especially include the bio page and all USCIS entry stamps and I-94 card.

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    Answered . In the "old days" immigration attorneys sent in all pages. This was done to demonstrate that the petitioner or applicant was not hiding any information. Currently, only pages with relevant information are generally sent. But what is "relevant"? For example, if you have traveled to a country where travel is restricted, such as Cuba, you may wish to disclose that before the government inquires why you didn't. Likewise, a country that is implicated in national security matters. These issues can generally be explained, but if you do not disclose them upfront you will need to do some remedial work when it comes up at the interview.

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    Answered . ID page, visa page and I-94, would be good enough.

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