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What length of sentence is my boyfriend looking at for his first offense which was stealing prescription medication?

Little Rock, AR |

He was at a residence and several other people stole things of major value like a gun and jewlery. But he didnt and he returned what he took.

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I guess this is natural enough because it comes up frequently here, but I still struggle to understand why people charged with crimes and the people close to them immediately focus attention on "what length of sentence is my boyfriend looking at." Before anyone must go before the court to be sentenced they must first be convicted, either after a trial or through entry of a guilty plea. Whether he is or is not guilty he is guaranteed the right to a defense and a trial if he so chooses. Accordingly my advice to all who, like yourself, look past the first and most important phase of a criminal case, stop and focus your attention on defending against the accusations. Hire a qualified criminal defense attorney and try to avoid a sentencing date. If unsuccessful in that effort, a good attorney in the process of preparing a defense will achieve significant benefit to the client in terms of damage control. For example many if not most jurisdictions have diversion programs that can allow an accused to maintain a clean record. Don't make it easy for the prosecutor, fight for the best possible outcome. Good luck to you both.

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I agree with Mr. Jones, but before I can answer your question I would have to know how he is charged. If he is charged with residential burglary the penalty is much more severe than if he is charged with Misdemeanor theft. Also, is he charged under an accomplice theory where he is charged as being responsible for the total amount stolen. If res burg then the penalty would be 5-20 years. If charged with theft it depends on the value of the items stolen. Regardless of how he is charged, a qualified attorney could help navigate the system and make sure the State proves he did what they say he did. A misdemeanor theft is certainly a different animal than a residential burglary.

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