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What legal remedy do I have if I am having difficulty with setting a structured visitation schedule.

Brooklyn, NY |

I have attempted mediation more than once but the other party refuses. There is no court order. My child has lived with me alone from birth without the father in the home. I have 100% of the responsibility and make all the decisions for my child without input from the father. The child is now 8. I have attempted to facilitate visitation but it continues to be without structure and there is a lack of respect for the lifestyle and values I have set forth the past 8 years. If I call to contact my child, my calls go unanswered. If I ask for an idea of plans or for notification of certain activities I get no response. The father voluntarily does not come in contact the child aside from pick up and will at times just cancel last min. Joint custody would be a nightmare, is that possible?

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  1. Unfortunately, you cannot force someone to be an active parent if they do not want to. You may want to speak with a counselor to see what steps you can take to keep your child from being disappointed by an uninvolved father.

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