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What kind of time would these crimes carry consecutively with no prior record

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Assult 2 DV, Burglary 1 DV, Auto theft DV, Attempted Murder w DWE, w/ aggarvator in pressence of minor, trafficking stolen property, stalking, theft of a Uhaul

.breaking restraining order from jail

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In can't really answer this question, because there is not enough information. Here's what I mean:

(1) Is the murder which was allegedly attempted 1st degree or 2nd degree. It makes a big difference.

(2) What kind of deadly weapon enhancement is being alleged? A knife or a firearm? Are any of the other offenses also pleaded with a DWE?

(3) Did all of these crimes get charged at once on the same criminal information form? If so, the presumption is that the activities constitute one continuous course of action and the prison times will run concurrently as opposed to consecutively.

(4) Is the violation of a restraining order being charged as a felony level V-NCO or just a misdemeanor?

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