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What kind of settlement should I expect from USAA?

Lawrenceville, GA |

I was rear ended at a stop light in a taurus by a suburban and I have recently submitted all medical bills etc to the insurance. these bills along with the damages to the car which have been paid totaled approx $12,000.00. My injuries were neck and shoulder which I have completely recovered and am ready to end this claim. Thanks

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Don't expect anything, then when they offer you less than you probably deserve you won't be disappointed. The exceptions are few and far between when an insurance carrier will offer "full" value of a claim; particularly when you don't have an attorney as your advocate. Bearing in mind that your injuries have "completely recovered" you should still consider speaking with a local and qualified attorney. Candidly, no attorney should comment on value without knowing all of the relevant particulars. Good luck.

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If you are doing this without a lawyer, you will not do as well as you should, and you should hire a Georgia personal injury lawyer. It is impossible to provide an answer to you, because that depends upon a lot of medical details and a careful analysis of your medical reports, as well as the ways in which the accident, injuries, medical treatments, etc., affected your everyday activities, pain issues, and the like. Too many factors to list, and you provide no details. Insurance companies are only concerned with their bottom line and profits, and will low ball you if you are not represented. They will not consider you a serious threat for filing suit or prevailing on your own, so they will make a small offer. If you have a lawyer, then your lawyer will be in the best position to advise you on this.

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We would need more details to give you a competent answer. Such as -

How much did it cost to repair your vehicle?

How much damage was done to the vehicle that rear-ended you? Just generally - what did you see when you looked at the Suburban right after the wreck?

When did you first get medical treatment? Did you go to an Emergency Room?

What kind of doctor did you treat with - MD, chiropractor, other?

What are your total medical/chiropractic bills?

Were your injuries limited to soft tissue (strains and sprains) or was there something more?

Has USAA raised any defenses to liability (do they blame you for doing anything wrong, do they blame a 3rd vehicle for contributing to the wreck)?

Generally USAA is very cheap and difficult. 15 years ago they were easy, but times are changing.

If you would prefer to talk, feel free to call my office and I'll give you a free phone consult. I practice in Gwinnett County.

Attorney Pete Pearson
(678) 740-6928

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You are entitled to receive reimbursement for the property damage to your car, reimbursement for your medical bills, and lost wages, and pain and suffering. To properly evaluate these things, I would need a full description, and actual diagnosis of your injury, as the settlement amount will be based on the actual injury received, the amount of time it to you you to recover, in addition to the actual amount of your medical bills and lost wages.

Mike Braun
(770) 421-6888

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There is no way for any attorney to specify the settlement value you should expect for your injury without more information. These factors include your specific injuries, the type of treatment you received, the significance of the damage to your vehicle, etc. I encourage you to speak to an experienced Georgia plaintiff's lawyer who can further evaluate your claim. Know that the USAA adjuster's job is to pay you as little as possible. Hiring a competent attorney to represent you will without a doubt yield a better a result going without. An experienced attorney can also assist you with any subrogation claims that may be pending against you if you have health insurance. Or, in the event you had no health insurance, an attorney can help you negotiate down the outstanding medical bills.

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That's a tough insurance company to deal with. Their play book includes questioning even clear liability and kicking away at each and every element of damages. Trust me, they're ready to end the claim, too: on their terms. If you are serious about your own interests, do not do another thing on your own case. Retain an experienced personal injury attorney ASAP. Here are a few of many reasons:

(1) The insurance industry's own statistics confirm that once an attorney is brought in to a claim, the value goes up.

(2) Your own attorney has a duty to fully inform you of all potential elements of recovery which the insurance company claims adjuster will not take time to tell you about.

(3) Settlements are forever. This means that if you decide to accept a settlement, this is the final disposition of the case forever. Should you later need additional treatment or discover an outstanding charge you did not know about, it is too late to go back.

My office handles personal injury and accident cases in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. And despite the procedural and legal differences between our states, the insurance standards and case valuation aspects of this topic are relatively universal across the U.S.

Law Offices of Andrew D. Myers

North Andover, MA — Derry, NH



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Without knowing all the facts and circumstances, it would be impossible to guess. Just retain a personal injury lawyer with a low contingency fee, less than 30%, so you are left with the lion's share of the settlement, not your lawyer. Good luck to you.

Free Consultation. 1-877-258-3083. Serving the Nation. Only 29% Fee Deducted.

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Probably a very small one if you are not legally represented by an attorney. I suggest you arrange a free consultation before you make any demand to the carrier so that you have an idea as to what the potential value of your claim may be. You have given totally insufficient facts to gauge any reasonable settlement range.

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