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What kind of sentence can i get for three drug charges

Thomasville, GA |
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Had just got off of work and sheriff pulled me over told me to get out vehicle drug agents pulls up ask were I'm going he said he got a call saying drugs in car stated he needed to search the car i told him no drugs are in my car but he seem to find one little piece in it so they charge me for possession even though it wasn't on me and i didn't no it was there

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Before you go worrying about what sentence you may receive, you need to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You may have defenses to the search of your vehicle and otherwise. In any event, what sentence you may receive would depend on numerous factors, and your question doesn't even state what offenses you have been charged with.

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I have received two simple possession chargers for cocaine i served 5 years on probation for one and 10 years on the other i been clean on it for six years i have 4 more years left and no i have this possession charge


You left out an important factor: what drugs? Marijuana? Methamphetamine? Cocaine? Heroin? Prescription drugs? The consequences vary greatly.

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