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What kind of questions a police officer have to answer honestly since i heared they can legally lie?

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Pull over, house visit

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Police can conduct a sting operation, if that's what you mean by "legally lie".
"Pull over, house visit" makes no sense.

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I meant what kind of questions a police officer that is wearing his uniform should answer honestly "if he pull me over while driving or if he wanted to enter my house" Hope i made it abit clear in some way


In most places in the US, the police are allowed to lie to subjects as long as they are not on the witness stand under oath. Therefore, if an undercover officer tries to buy drugs from you, and you ask if he is an officer, he can lie and say no, and you have no remedy for this lying. However, in Michigan, recent case law makes clear that the judge cannot authorize a witness to lie on the stand, even to protect the witness from physical harm.

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So if i was driving normally in the streey and without doing anything illegal, but somehow a cop want to stop me. Can he then lie for why he stopped me after i Ask him why am pulled over?

James S. Lawrence

James S. Lawrence


The officer is not supposed to lie in his police reports, or in his testimony. However, it is up to the judge to decide whether it is a lie. Even though you say the officer is lying, the judge would be allowed to find that you are the one lying, and the officer is the one telling the truth. To reduce the odds of that, hire the best criminal defense attorney you can find in your area. Good luck.

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