What kind of licensed contractor is required to fixed concrete slab floor cracks inside a condo unit?

There are extensive cracks in the concrete slab floor inside my ground floor condo unit. The homeowners associations send an unlicensed handyman to fixed the cracks for $1090 instead of using the licensed soil engineer repair contractors who submitted a cost proposal of $9000 to gout and seal the cracks with epoxy and then apply a sealant to prevent moisture intrusion.

San Pablo, CA -

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John Noah Kitta

John Noah Kitta

Real Estate Attorney - Fremont, CA

Being a real estate attorney for over thirty years and past president of my homeowner’s association your repairs does not sound like handyman work. Generally homeowner’s associations if they do not agree to have a licensed professional perform the work you are going to have to contact the city. They can’t possibly be obtaining a permit for the repair work using a handyman. Your situation raises red flags

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Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Real Estate Attorney - Montclair, CA

As a contractor and an attorney that handles construction matter, I can say one thing about concrete: it cracks. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. Whether the cracks in your concrete even need to be fixed would require a visual, and possibly structural inspection. If the cracks are structural, then there are special methods available to repair them. If the cracks are cosmetic, then repairing them is not always necessary and sometimes leaves you with something that looks even worse.
Crack repairs are usually only temporary. What often happens is that the repair holds, but the concrete cracks again on either side of the repaired area.
Without having seen the problem, it is impossible for any AVVO attorney to say what needs to be done.
Sealing concrete cracks probably does not require a license, especially if the cracks are cosmetic.
If you aren't happy with your HOA's chosen method of repair, you should contact a local attorney for a consultation.

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