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What kind of letters we need from our friends to prove that we have a bona fide marraigae ? green card through marriage

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I have an interview for AOS in a few days and i am really nervous, i get a few hours sleep a day only..I am a hard of hearing and i hope that doesn't cause any problem over there ..what kind of letters we need from our friends to prove that our marriage is real ?

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At this point, letters aren't as important as joint bank, rental agreement, joint credit card, joint insurance and other documents.

In the eyes of the government .. 'real' married people 'merge' their money and bills.

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Thank you! what you mean by : at this point? is it too late to ask my friend to write a letter for us ?

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


What I mean is that, by this time you should have been married for 3-6 months. They are more interested in seeing 3-6 months worth of joint bills, rent receipts, insurance papers, bank statements, etc. Anyone can get letters from friends .... I've heard many immigration people tell me that the letters from friends aren't worth the paper they are printed on.



Good to know,I appreciate it .


Get a few notarized letters giving details of how your friends know you, some specific things you've done together, and any other interesting details about the relationship like how long you've known each other etc. Then say something like "I believe Jack and Suzy to be a married couple." I'm just giving you the quick version, you can hire a lawyer to do it for you.

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Atty Capriotti has the right approach. The Las Vegas USCIS Office can be a tough place for an interview. You may want to bring a lawyer with you to assist.

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