What kind of legal trouble can someone get into for lying on DMV paperwork?

The person I was buying a car from filed a fraudulent Repo Certificate with the DMV stating that I had not made any payments on the car, had my name removed as registered owner, had the title returned to himself as sole legal & reg. owner, and took the car when I only owed $95.

Marysville, CA -

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Scott Richard Kaufman

Scott Richard Kaufman

Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Los Altos, CA

A lot of trouble. BUT, do not sit on this. The longer you wait to more likely your rights will disappear AND the more likely it is you will be unable to get the car back or your money back.


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Property repossession can happen if you are behind in your payments. Creditors are not required to send notice before they repossess your property or vehicle.

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