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What kind of legal recourse can I take against a dermatologist who performed a SmartLipo procedure on my back?

Snellville, GA |

The dermatologist performed the procedure on me about three months ago. The cost of the procedure was about $3500.00 and $175.00 for a garment to wear after surgery. The procedure was remove excess fat deposits from my mid-to lower back, upper buttock and sides. The garment begin to tear after one month. The dermatologist have refused to order a new garment even though the manufacturer said they would replace it if they had an order number. My back and side area is just as back or worse before the surgery. I complained to the doctor about the results of the procedure and she gave the excuse that I had scoliosis, a back defect. A later bone scan indicated that I do not have scoliosis. Every time I set an appointment with the doctor, she cancels it even when I first arrive at the clinic.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I'm sorry to hear about your problem. Unfortunately, filing suit against a doctor in Georgia is difficult and expensive. Before you do so you must first find another similarly trained physician to review your medical records to determine if the first doc did anything wrong. If the reviewing doc believes the appropriate standard of care was not met, he/she must provide you with an affidavit (sworn statement) to that effect. Without the affidavit you can't file suit. Once suit is filed the preparation for trial is quite expensive and takes a year or so. Call me if you would like more details. Ralph Hughes, Decatur. 404-373-3458

  2. I agree with the previous answer, however, I would need to know more about the circumstances of your case. It is true, it can be costly and there must be proof that the standard of care was not followed. What concerns me here is that you state the doctor is in essence avoiding you. I do believe you need to speak with an attorney regarding this matter so as to evaulate your case more fully. I would be more than happy to speak with you. See my website and contact me if you wish.


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