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well I rollerblade as my form of trans pertation. So when today the 5th of june 2013 I was at mcdonalds on 16th st and camelback. I ordered to much food so instead of throwing it away I decided to look for a homeless or less fortunite persons to give the excess to so after spending like twenty mins finding one. My front right foot wheels shredded causeing me to have to take the bus. So I buy a bus day pass and then when the driver comes he tells me that I need to have shoes I told him I only have socks or my boot incerts and he says it has to be shoes closes the and drives off. I call in to customer service they tell me no shirt no shoes no service. Well there is no sign saying that on the bus but they say its on the website and in the bus book. Well I had to walk over 2 mi barefooted. Wtf

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Yours is not a matter for the courts

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I commend you for trying to make good use of your excess food. As to the bus situation, I would advise that were this to happen again, just take the inserts out of your skates and put them on your feet, and don't mention that they aren't shoes. People probably often wear slip-on shoes on the bus .

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