What kind of lawyer is needed for dispute on mortgage payments?

Lender keeps saying Im 3 months behind this year on my mortgage. I have all my bank statements showing that all payments were made. Ive written letters to Washington, the lender, etc, with no response. The lender is practially harassing me. They call me several times a week and send atleast 3 forclosure letters a week. Ive sent the lender copies of my bank statements showing all my payments. Got a call today saying I will be forclosed on this month if 3 payments of $1672.00 is not made. I am so sick of this lender. How many times do i have to call/send proof? I want to take them for court

Southern Pines, NC -

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Deborah Ann Stencel

Deborah Ann Stencel

Foreclosure Attorney - Milwaukee, WI

You could try searching for a foreclosure defense attorney, a consumer rights attorney, or even a contracts attorney.

Another option for you might be to file a complaint with the government agency that governs your lender or even the Better Business Bureau. You could even go to a local consumer reporter int he paper or on local TV for help. Start with the complaint form on the NC Secretary of State website. If that is not the right agency to help you, they should let you know.

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