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What kind of lawyer do i need to sue a county in Wisconsin ?

La Crosse, WI |

I was wrongfully disrespected at the court room and was not able to talk and was laughed at for having ts

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  1. Contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss, but from what you posted it's unclear whether you have a case. Good luck

  2. I agree with the other answer. It does not sound like your case would not meet the requirements for proving any recognized tort, but if you explain the facts in detail to an attorney that attorney might have a creative way to frame the facts to get something done. You will want to set aside maybe $100 to pay for an initial consultation.

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  3. My colleagues are correct: unless you're leaving something out, you likely do not have a case. Talking to a local lawyer and giving your full story is the only way to be sure. I'm sorry to hear that you were treated badly in court and I would recommend hiring an attorney in the future as your case will be taken more seriously. It may not be fair, but its the truth.

  4. Statements in court are privileged.

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