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What kind of jail time should you expect to get facing 2 felony drug charges(morphine and oxycotin)?

Woodstock, GA |

Was caught using in the back of a car. Was out on bail for a felony gun charge. Had 12 pills and an unknown amount of morphine.

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  1. Your question lacks sufficient details to be specific, so I will outline some key points. First, if this arrest (you don't say if the drugs were confiscated from you on one or two arrests) was in Cherokee County or Cobb County, and you have NO HISTORY of prior offenses of this nature, you can probably get a conditional discharge or a first offender plea worked out. Probation, lots of conditions to meet, fines, etc. However, such a plea deal only affects the STATE record, not the FEDERAL record. The National Crime Information Center computers kept by federal law enforcement will have the conviction on their computers, regardless of any special state treatment.

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