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What kind of evidence is needed at a trial to convict felony 3rd degree theft.

Dania, FL |

I find it impossible for them to have any evidence other than propaganda. I did not do this!!

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It depends. A conviction can come from oral testomiy alone. Remember it is the State's burden to prove the case against you. Just because you are charged, doesn't mean you will be convicted. Consult an attorney in the South Florida to help you.
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WIthout the facts of your case it is Impossible to answer this question. As a rule of law, the state must be able to present evidence upon which a jury is convinced of your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Evidence can take any one of several different forms, such as oral testimony of witnesses, video tapes, writings, etc.

Ron Slonaker, Attorney
Ocala, Fl

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My employer accused me, there are 5 people with keys to the store and he was never willing to provide a bank account for me to deposit cash. Obviousley that prevents me from having records of proof for my deposits. Cash was held in an envelope safe. I was accused in early October, without any agreement my next 3 pay checks were deducted for $1000. Obviousley unhappy i quit and now spent a night in jail and am facing this charge.


To prove the crime of Theft, the State must prove the following two elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

1. Defendant knowingly and unlawfully [obtained or used] or [endeavored to obtain or to use] the property of another.

2. Defendant did so with intent to, either temporarily or permanently,
a. deprive the person of their right to the property or any benefit from it. or
b. appropriate the property of the other person to their own use or to the use of any person not entitled to it.

To prove the crime was a felony, the state must also prove the value of the item.

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