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What kind of evidence can I bring to court for a child custody hearing? also have a letter from family violence center

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i am representing myself because i cant afford an attorney & the legal aids are backed ex is suing me for custody. we have been broken up for f4years now, but in our relationship he was abusive. after we broke up he broke into my apartment. i called the cops but didnt press charges.he trashed the place.the property manager walked my unit & said she'd testify for me. will that matter in a child custody hearing. also he hangs out with drug dealers (marijuana) $ also did side jobs but have no proof; in 2008 he busted my back windshield when our kids were in the backseat. a few days after i was served for this case (5/2011) he put two garbage bags on the back of my car. he harrasses me even when he has our daughter. will his abuse have any effect on my case even tho it was years ago

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Any proof that you have that he is committing crimes including assault, harassment, criminal mischief, etc., will help establish that he may not be a fit person to have custody of the children. Are you actually set for a hearing on the matter? If so, you will want to have witnesses come to testify to what they have seen him do, heard him do, his reputation, their personal opinion, etc. If you have text messages, phone records demonstrating that he calls you repeatedly or at all hours, copies of police reports, etc., these may help. (A lot of this stuff would be admissible but not in the form I am suggesting. If he does not have a lawyer, then it will be less of a problem. However, some stuff may be kept out because it is not in the admissible form - one reason that eye and ear witnesses are excellent sources of information.)

Although I have answered the question to try to help you, you should consult with a lawyer in your area in person on the matter. In addition, my answer does not establish an attorney-client relationship between us.

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