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What kind of drug testing to they do in Illinois (Cook County) for people on supervision?

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Got a DUI in Chicago + received supervision. Doing all the classes etc. Also have to do 4 random drug tests (RUDs) even though I tested clean in my pre-court eval. Not a drug user so not worried about that, but my court monitor told me not to drink 48 hours before our appointment (this Mon). Wasn't aware that no drinking was a condition of supervision. When the judge sentenced me, he even said he didn't care if I drank, just keep off the roads. So my question: What kind of testing do they do in IL? I'm fine with not drinking for a couple days, but I had some drinks Tues and worried they might do EtG testing which goes farther back than 48hrs. And why can I get in trouble for drinking a day or 2 before appt. anyway? It's not illegal + I'm not going to show up drunk or hung over. Big Brother

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In many IL courts, a condition of your supervision is that you not consume any alcohol.


Unless your sentencing order specifically states you are not to consume alcohol, requires zero tolerance from alcohol, or something else along those lines, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.



I have a zero tolerance policy and slipped on Sunday. I have to test this Wednesday at Cook County. My probation officer knows my story but I want to prepare myself as to if the courts will know.


Cook County has a proposed rule that is followed by social services. The rule allows social services/probation to randomly drop someone 2 times during a period of supervision notwithstanding the judge .not ordering random drops.

Charlie Beach

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