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What kind of attorney do i need to speak with for visitation ,child support ,and or mediation

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i am on cs but unemployed she kept him from me and now im just hearing from her a week ago when she contacted me we talked and made an agreement so that i could see him but now after only 7 days she is angry aggressive and argumentative . so now she wants to go to court for visitation,and child support after disappearing for 6 years

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You need a qualified family law attorney who will fight aggressively for you. Contact the bar association or look here on AVVOnfor attor yes in your area.

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You need a family attorney and one who has custody experience look in avvo type in custody attorney add your justification you will find qualified attorneys and you can read about them befor you contact them

Contact local consel

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Look here on AVVO at lawyer ratings and practices and that will help you locate counsel. You need a lawyer to navigate a contested custody/visitation/support case.

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You need a passionate attorney who focuses on Fathers' Rights. You have described a classic case of Parental Alienation which occurs when one parent alienates the child from the other parent while creating discord and destroying a bond which would otherwise exist. If you were never married to the mother you must take steps immediately to establish your legal rights. Those rights can be granted by court order only at this time during your child's life. Find a lawyer in your area who fights for fathers.

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I am uncertain what "i am on cs but unemployed" means. I am also uncertain from this whether you have legitimated your relationship with your son. Assuming you have, it sounds as if you are behind on child support and irregular in your child support payments. It also sounds as if she has vanished with your son and only lets you see him when she feels like it or when she is happy with you. All of these things must be immediately addressed: (1) the proper amount of child support should be established (and this may require a formal modification filed with the court); (2) possible child support arrears (which may involve a payment plan or a negotiated settlement in order to avoid a contempt of court charge); and (3) regular parenting time with your son (this may require a legitimation, a contempt motion against her, as well). Please understand that child support in Georgia is based upon a model called "income sharing" which considers both your income and hers in determining the proper amount. Also please understand that if you are behind on child support, this is called an "arrearage." Child support arrearages cannot simply be wiped away. In fact, the judeg has no authority to forgive them. This money must be paid, even after your son is an adult, unless you can negotiate a settlement with the mother. Finally, you have definite rights to see your son, and it is in his best interest to know both of his parents. I would be happy to speak with you further if you like. Steve Shewmaker

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