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What kind of attorney do I need if I want to go to the police about something that is sure to attract a ton of media attention?

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I am thinking of going to the police regarding a case that is sure to attract a lot of media attention. It involves an individual with two Academy Awards, a LAUSD high school teacher, child pornography, drug use, and videos showing people being killed. I would like representation even before going to the police, and it would have to be pro bono as I'm unemployed. What should I do?

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I suppose you are doing it. Perhaps a criminal attorney would be interested enough in the situation to provide you with free representation and advice regarding what you intend to report to the Police. I caution you against posting any more details on this website because it is not private.

Brian Russell Michaels

Brian Russell Michaels


There's always one...


This most certainly would be a very high-profile case, the likes of which we only see in the movies. I would suggest that before you go the police to make sure your facts check out. Stories like these that turn into media frenzies and book deals are worth a lot of money to some people. If I might be so bold, you might want to contact a private investigator and/or a crime writer. They could help you make sure all the facts check out. You might think this idea strange, but the big corporations hire outside consulting services to package cases that they send to the Department of Justice. That makes everything looks slick and convincing in situations where most people will be very skeptical. Just the $0.02 of an old dog.


You need to speak with an attorney before you go to police. My colleagues are correct about checking your facts. A criminal and/or entertainment attorney.

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