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What kind of attorney do I need?

Beaumont, TX |
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I am looking for an attorney to file a deceptive trades and practices claim against a small used car dealership that sold my wife and I a vehicle that had been in 2 previous wrecks that the dealership didnt tell us about at time of sale. I dont know how much money the dealership has, but they have about 25 vehicles on their lot. I have been told by another attorney that the dealership "probably" wouldnt have the money to pay all the fees. But that still doesnt make it ok for the dealership to break the law. Or does it?

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You should find a consumer protection attorney with experience with the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

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I would suggest calling another attorney.

That size lot is definitely within the range my firm would sue if there were good reason to, although size of lot is not the only factor in a case. Unfortunately, in some cases the dealership is so small (say 10 or fewer cars on lot and no other lots owned by same individual) that small claims court is your only option.

Considering that many DTPA claims settle with investigation and a letter, I find it hard to believe that the dealership couldn't make right with you and pay attorney fews of a few thousand dollars to your counsel, so keep searching for counsel and best of luck to you.

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