What is verbal custody agreement breaks down?

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In the state of PA I have full-physical custody & joint legal custody of my 8 yr old. My child has lived with me since 2. Four months ago I got a job in GA. With the permission of the child's father, I relocated to GA leaving the child with my parents to finish the school year in PA. The child's father, lives in MD, has an extended visitation of 4-6 wks over the summer, June -July. I was to relocate the child permanently her grandparents decided they had an objection, and threatened legal action. I did not want to expose her to legal fight, I voluntarily agreed to let her remain with her father for the school year. The visitation we agreed to, now is not happening,& because of the number of states involved, I don't know my rights. No new custody agreement is in place

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    Answered . With so many states involved it does make the situation a bit more complicated. What is not complicated is the need for a court order resting custody for the children in their best interest. I would think a custody petition should be filed as soon as possible so as not to upset the kids anymore thatn they have been upset and a lawyer should be hired to manage the minefield of different state issues.

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    Answered . You will need to speak with an experienced family law attorney to navigate the jurisdiction issue and to file the appropriate Petition to have an order issued. It sounds like the grandparents are also involved, so this will further complicate your case because there are standing issues as well. You will have a very difficult time without an attorney.

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    Answered . Consider filing a petition to modify the existing outdated order. It sounds as if PA is the home state of the child.

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues - you need to sit down with an experienced family law attorney as soon as possible. Although your order is in PA, it may not be an appropriate venue since neither you, the child or the father live here. It's unclear which grandparents had an objection to your moving her to GA or what state the grandparents live in. I think you should start with a GA lawyer for guidance, even though the case doesn't appear to be in GA's jurisdiction.

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