What is this considered? cyber-bullying harassment or stalking?

I started receiving phone calls from someone using a prank dial app on their smartphone and the same night recieved messages on facebook from a fake profile someone made up, calling me horrid names calling my 8 month old son a bastard "my ugly creation" " that thing i have" "that i should throw him in the weeds because he is a bastard child and that is where he belongs" along with numerous foul names. i was able to learn the identity of the person through friends/family of hers that it was in fact her and that i was not the only victim. she took pictures off of my friends profile of me holding my son and another baby and posted underneath that "she looks like she does (sexual favors) along with my name the city i reside in and offered my phone number upon request. what can i do about this

Chesapeake, VA -

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Barry Franklin Poulson

Barry Franklin Poulson

Family Law Attorney - Hillsdale, MI

The nature of the claims and distortions seem to me to have arrived at defamation, and you can contact an attorney in your locale to pursue that. Also, ask you attorney if there appears to have been a violation of criminal law. If so, you can report the matter to the police. DO NOT engage in any online or telephone communication with the stalker. Just see an attorney, and follow carefully the steps as you are advised by your attorney.

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Scott E. Chapman

Scott E. Chapman

Litigation Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

I would only add that you make sure you are keeping all of this evidence, recorded messages, printing website pages, etc. so you can show your attorney and they will give you proper advice. Most attorneys offer a free consult, so get on the phone immediately and get a free consult. Waiting is your enemy if these threats rise to the level of criminal.

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