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What is ther process of having a protective order issued july 2012 against me dismissed in fulton county,Geortgia

Alpharetta, GA |

i live in Clearwater,fl and need to have a PO dismissed in fulton county,ga against me

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The respondent cannot have a PO arbitrarily dismissed. Unless the petitioner voluntarily dismisses the PO, you either have to wait for expiration of the PO (depending on how long the current PO is good for) or present to the court a valid, legal justification for why the PO should be dismissed. If you believe there is a valid reason for why it should be dismissed (absent trying to get the petitioner to voluntarily dismiss it, though no intimidation, etc., would be permitted to be used by you), I advise speaking with a Ga family law attorney who practices in the Atlanta area. Good luck.


It is going to require some pretty heavy lifting, as stated above, and there is no guaranty of success since a judge already found in favor of the petitioner. There are options, and we do handle these, but anyone promising a "quick fix" is pulling your leg. Please feel free to call.
Good Luck!

Hey Look, A Disclaimer. And it is kind of witty. Kind of. To wit: Information Provided SHOULD NOT be relied upon as binding legal advice as no advice can be reliable unless a full review of all facts has been conducted. No attorney-client relationship exists unless there is a signed retainer between the parties. My Firm does not offer ANY tax advice. The Most Costly and Expensive Advice you will ever get is from a Cheap Lawyer. Do yourself a favor and interview several lawyers before choosing the one that works best for you. Remember, Bad Lawyers make all their money through marketing. Good Lawyers make all their money by winning cases.


I agree with above counsel, it depends on how long it was answered and your reasons for having it lifted. You can ask the court to life the Protective Order, but it will likely be difficult and you need to have a very valid provable reason (other reasons in the past have been trying to get into the military or some other position where they don't allow applicants with a protective order and there is no longer a danger to the petitioner). Please feel free to call if you need a better explanation.

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