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What is the typical cost to incorporate a company in Delaware.

Oakland, CA |

Aside from incorporation, we would need standard founder's agreements and a subscription agreement for Friend and Family investors.

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  1. The cost of organizing a DE corporation, other than filing fees, would vary based upon your specific situation and the complexity involved, but should not be that expensive. This would depend on the capital structure (e.g., how many classes of shares, if more than one) and a number of other issues specific to your situation. Since you have mentioned a subscription agreement and indicate that you will be seeking investment, securities regulations need to be considered, which can increase the cost depending on the complexity involved.

    I hesitate to say this will be cheap since I do not know the specific situation, but from the way your question is written, I'm guessing that this would not cost a ton to take care of. Most attorneys, including myself, are willing to do a free consultation to discuss scope and estimated cost - I suggest that you find one willing to do so and contact them to get a better idea of costs.

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  2. I urge you to look at this a different way. Unless you have some good reason and if you live in Oakland there is virtually no reason for you to incorporate in Delaware and undergo the expense of registering your company as a California corporation or LLC.

    The business lawyer client relationship should be long term and part of a team which normally includes a CPA and often others. You need to have a clear picture of what you want, do it correctly the first time, and understand what you are doing.

    Defectively setting up a corporation or LLC online is easy. Getting value for legal services and advice is what you want to look for.

    Further, do not issue securities or prepare a subscription agreement without an attorney. It would be a big error.

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  3. My fees for such services are published online. Please see the post at the link below.

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