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What is the statute of limitations to prosecute an attorney who has committed fraud,embezzelment or misrepresentation in washint

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A former lawyer who misrepresented my mom and dad in a case seems to have embezeled money and misrepresented by by not telling them the truth of the outcome of a personal injury case. my dad received nothing more than 25,000.00 for a head on collision. My mother received 15,000,00. father waited 1 half years my mother waited 2 and half years to get 15,000.00. The head on collision was not their fault which happened in 2006 and happened in utah. it seems to me that the coverage liabilty at the time was 65/130 coverage at the time and as for my dads policy he was covered under his pip coverage and his uim coverage that the legal assistant asked for in the case numerous times, long story short 130 thousand plus 90thousand is 220,000.00and to have only goten 40 thousand all together not right

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The statute of limitations for malpractice in Oregon is two years. It's not clear from the question whether this representation occurred in Utah (where the accident occurred) or Washington (which you mention in your heading, though it was cut off), or Oregon. Beyond that, I'm afraid it's difficult to understand what you've written. (Please see this Guide: ) In any case, you'd have to take legal action in the state where the lawyer was practicing. Different states have different laws and statutes of limitations.

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