What is the statute of limitations on police misconduct

I was arrested, stood trial,and was acquitted for a case 15 years after the fact. Details include police misconduct and perjury with respect to the arrest. Google Gordon Noble Imperial Beach Cold Case for more info

San Diego, CA -

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Malosack Berjis

Malosack Berjis

Civil Rights Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Wow, that's crazy. So, when were you, finally, acquitted? (You have 6 months to file a claim, against a governmental entity, to sue at the state court level...)

Nicholas Milan Loncar

Nicholas Milan Loncar

Criminal Defense Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

I'm sorry to hear about this situation, but I'm really glad that your lawyer was able to beat the charges. Sounds like she did an excellent job.

From the article I just read it seems like you were arrested in Dec 2011. When was the trial? Like the other attorney here has stated, the SOL is 6 months on these cases.

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