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What is the statute of limitations on a speeding ticket?

Springfield, MA |

I recently tried to renew my driver license and was told I had an outstanding speeding ticket from 20 years ago. I have renewed my license 3 times over the years and never had a problem. Supposedly they just found it. I'm concerned if I did get the ticket that they lost the payment too. I have a good driving record and have never not paid a ticket. I paid for and have a copy of my driving record from this past October of 2009 (I was applying for a job) and it was clean. What should I do?

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  1. As a general rule no statute of limitations is in place on speeding citations. A warrant may be issued if you failed to appear or if you declined to pay off the ticket. The judge often enters it as a plea of guilty because you didn't show. Then, the court can collect the fine many years later. In Illinois, because of the rough economy, I see local traffic courts trying to collect fines from 25 years ago.

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