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What is the statute of limitations for filing stalking, harassment, and trespassing charges in Texas. Do I need a police report?

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I have been involved in a huge legal scandal with a former co worker who has sought to destroy my life because I called off a brief romance against her. She got me fired at work after defaming me, saying I attacked her and left a deep and growing gash in my finances. Cases are still pending, but I won the protective order case she had against me after my neighbor testified that he seen her multiple times showing up at my residence unannounced and my friends who also testified that she contacted them trying to convince them to talk to me and admitting to sending me 50+ calls and over 100+ texts on multiple occasions. All this was before her allegations and I also admitted proof of all those hundreds of texts into evidence, which helped me win the protective order case she filed.

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Let me try and sort this out for you, briefly. Stalking and terroristic threat are crimes, so you notify the police and they take it from there. You can cooperate with the police and DA, but you do not control the case.
If the person has come on your property and caused damage or has otherwise hurt you, you can sue for damages. This can be for several different things depending on what applies. It could be assault, defamation, conversion, etc. Defamation has a statute of limitations of one year. Most other kinds of case have two or four year statutes of limitation.
If you want to file a civil suit for damages, you should consult with and attorney imediately.

This is not legal advice. You should always discuss the specifics of your issue in person with an attorney. Be aware that there are time limits on all claims that depend on the kind of claim, so do not delay in seeking an attorney.



Being that this happened the end of the summer and its now November. I'm wondering if a police report would even be valid at this point.

Richard Kurt Arbuckle

Richard Kurt Arbuckle


A police report is just a report. The police may not do anything with the lawsuits going and the lapse of time, but you don't control that. You just report what happened. It is up to the police what happens next.



Ok thank you so much for the info. I'll file it with them and hopefully they can consider with the evidence and her even admitting to it in the protective order court.

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