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What is the statute of limitations for elder abuse charges in the state of New York?

Lake Mary, FL |

Daughter severely assaulted her mother that the mother had to be hospitalized for months.

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  1. For a civil claim for personal injury, 3 years in NY. Retain a lawyer in NY from Avvo to investigate. Good luck.

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  2. Unfortunately, I must advise that although it appears that you directed your question to AVVO, with, assumedly, a request that same be presented to the most relevant group of attorneys, as defined or segregated in all likelihood by a simple algorithm developed or owned by AVVO, who would seemingly be best suited to answer the particular question posed (although frankly, I am simply attempting to apply logic to the situation and take my best guess at the actual process utilized by AVVO's team, as an integrated unit; I can not state with any level of certainty whatsoever that AVVO uses any one particular methodology for receipt; analysis; grouping or assignment of questions presented; and/or the dissemination of same to a presumably defined subset or subgroup of all Attorneys who donate their collective time, energy, and attention to questions posed by individuals through and "on" AVVO), it may, unfortunately, not be the case that the most desired outcome resulted in this instance.

    Your question appears, again, to have been initiated in Lake Mary, Florida, which more likely than not means that same was directed to AVVO by you via the internet, with the hope and expectation that the above process would take place, and, accordingly, you likely reasonably believed that a number of lawyers with knowledge of New York law, and, one would, or at least I would, hope and expect moreover, that this same group of attorneys would be comprised of attorneys who are and perhaps for some time now have been licensed to practice in New York State. While attorneys from other states MAY possess accurate knowledge of the laws and intricacies of the POTENTIAL INTERACTION AND RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ONE FOREIGN STATE'S STATUTE GOVERNING ONE TYPE OF ACTIVITY OR OTHER SUBJECT OF LEGISLATION AS WELL AS A STATUTE, PRESUMABLY EXISTANT IN ALL STATES, WHICH SPECIFIES THE PERIOD OF LIMITATIONS FOR ACTIONS OF EACH SORT FOR WHICH THERE IS SUCH A PERIOD DEFINED BY STATUTE, this is not necessarily true.

    As a matter of practice, without deviation, for reasons which to me seem obvious - reasons with which a great many of my colleagues agree wholeheartedly - I will not "take a shot" at a question concerning the laws and regulations of a State in which I am not licensed to practice law. I am stretching this point to a bit of an extreme to emphasize a point, and will add that even if I did attempt to do so for an individual out of dire necessity or emergency of some such bizarre sort that I can not even create an example of same in my imagination, I would never "take a shot"....knowingly. And that is the problem that I think many of those attorneys, well meaning or otherwise, who attempt to answer questions concerning the laws and/or the application of the laws, of any State other than the one or more States within which he or she has been actually licensed to practice. While he or she may not believe that it is exactly that...."taking a shot" ....that he or she is doing while providing information under such circumstances, well-intendedly or not (and, therefore, obviously, doing a disservice to the client, and, frankly doing the very same thing to him or herself....knowingly or not), that is exactly what he or she is doing. It is a horrible idea; it is inevitably going to lead to a difficult situation at some point in the not at all distant future, if it has not done so already, and any and disclaimers to the contrary, it is incontroverible that if the result is a negative outcome of some level of magnitude that we will later name after that oft-warned individual, paper as well will likely start to fly.

    I find that there are many more questions posed by individuals on this site which concern matters which are or would be properly venued within and governed by the laws of the State of Florida by which I was licensed to practice law nearly nineteen (19) years ago, and that same have been set forth by individuals who truly need help.
    (See "Comment" below;cont)

    We are pleased to offer a free thirty (30) minute initial telephone consultation, or, if possible, will attempt to schedule a free thirty (30) minute initial office consultation. Neither this offer of a free initial consultation, nor the mere fact that the initial consultation may have ultimately been conducted, whether telephonically or at our office location, should be construed; assumed; interpreted; or understood by any individual who was granted a free initial consultation for which no consideration of any sort whatsoever was tendered, to have formed or created an attorney-client relationship, or to have created any obligations owed by the attorney or attorney's firm to any individual who was given a free initial consultation, by the mere undertaking of the free initial consultation for which no consideration of any sort was tendered to attorney or attorney's firm. The formation of an attorney-client relationship occurs through the process of negotiation between the prospective parties, the individual seeking legal representation, and the attorney, acting individually, or as an agent of a firm (the capacity in which the attorney is acting shall be disclosed to prospective client, if negotiations for legal representation in exchange for good and valuable consideration are undertaken by the prospective client and the attorney. If agreement is reached by and between the parties for legal representation after the mutually satisfactory negotiation of the agreement for legal representation, and all of its individual terms; the scope of representation to be provided by the attorney to the prospective client has been delineated to the mutual satisfaction of the parties; the manner of payment of good and valuable consideration by the prospective client to the attorney has been determined; and it has been conceded by the parties that all of those factors upon which agreement had been reached by the parties and which were recited herein, had been agreed upon by the parties only after careful consideration and sufficient review of the document styled Agreement for Legal Representation, and after it has likewise been conceded by the parties that each respectively had been presented with the opportunity to have the document reviewed independently by each respective party's personal attorney, or any other attorney of his or her chooosing. If the Agreement for Legal Representation contains terms regarding contingency fee agreement or agreements for payment to the attorney for all or a portion of his or her services and legal representation on behalf of the Client, Client concedes that he or she has been presented with an additional document entitled "Statement of Client's Rights", which is a document created by the Florida Bar and approved for use in matters in which payment in full or part, is tendered by contingency fee agreement. Please note that any commentary or response offered through this site is based on the limited set of facts and background data supplied by the individual framing the question and would in all likelihood require more investigation before a complete response could properly be framed to thoroughly answer the question posed. No attorney-client relationship is, or should be presumed to be, formed through the comments or responses provided to the individual posing the question, as a courtesy, here, through this forum, nor should any other duties or obligations be construed; assumed; or otherwise be inferred to exist and/or owed to the individual who posed the question by the attorney who provided the best guidance possible to said individual under the circumstances presented as they were, including the unreasonable assumption that a full and thorough legal analysis of an individual's situation could be formulated simply based on the minute portion of the entirety of the facts and circumstances surrounding any legal matter, which could in no manner possibly be presented here in such a form which would allow for a thorough analysis, evaluation, or legal opinion to be formed by the Attorney.

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