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What is the statute of limitation on a simple assault charge in Utah?

Salt Lake City, UT |

Today, 11/03/2011, I was arrested on a simple assault warrant for my arrest concerning an assault charge that happened in 2002. This warrant went out in Jan, 2011. I wasn't aware of it, or of the assault, although I did have a past relationship in which this girl I was dating filed a charge for assault, in which she absolutely fabricated the case in her favor. Because I didn't have an attorney; yet, she did through domestic abuse advocators, I just pleaded no contest. At a trial it went down as such...Since then I cannot recall of any charges or fines: Because she did fabricate the case, she wanted me back. So in 2005, I was found being with her, and was arrested and put in jail over a weekend. After this I told her, never again, unless the order is dropped. Now, an arrest...2011.

And am to appear in court this Friday on it. In the process of it, I had $280.00 in cash on my person, but lost $15.00 of it through a debit card system the police station has with their handling of inmate money. The cash on hand was to go for bills...Now I have to add another 15 in order to be squared. I was publicly humiliated, and due to being an inmate, shamed to even think this could even happen, since I haven't even been near this woman in over 5 years.

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Generally, the statute of limitations for a misdemeanor is 2 years. However, if the State files the charges within that time, the prosecution can usually continue after the 2 years have passed. I'm not sure from your question whether the case is a probation violation from a previous case or a new charge, but you could call any court in the state and they could give you that information.

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