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What is the statue of limitations on a medical bill in the state of washington ?

Kent, WA |

also does the statue start over if you talk to a collection agent about the medical bills

thank you

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In WA, the statute of limitations on a written agreement is generally 6 years. When a person gets medical help, the person often signs several documents. One of the documents likely has a promise to pay.

For an agreement not written down, the statute of limitations is generally 3 years.

Simply talking to someone does not restart the clock.

Determining whether the statute of limitations has expired is sometimes the central issue of an appeal. That is, it is sometimes not clear whether the time to sue has expired.

You can review your specific facts with your attorney to find out your legal options.

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Open Account (credit card): 3 years

Written Contract: 6 years

Domestic Judgment: 10 years

Foreign Judgment: 10 years

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