What is the statue of limitation for a twitter threat? or a death threat? criminal defense

i know i ask this already... im very sorry but some people say the sol is 2 to 3 years and some people told me is 6 years and im nervous. i post a twitter threat to someone like a fighter and said something like stab but then i apologize and it been 6 months ago and what is the sol for something like that. please help me

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Lewis Robert Rosenblum

Lewis Robert Rosenblum

Criminal Defense Attorney - Santa Ana, CA

I have already answered this question for you, as the previous attorney has told you. It is generally 3 years on a Felony and 1 year on a misdemeanor. As I related to you on the phone, there are some felonies which carry a statute of 6 years depending on how the case is charged.

Except as provided in Section 799, prosecution for an offense
punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for eight years or
more or by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170
for eight years or more shall be commenced within six years after
commission of the offense.

No one can answer this question without knowing what the actual charge will be.

Karren Melinda Kenney

Karren Melinda Kenney

Criminal Defense Attorney - Costa Mesa, CA

1 year for a misdemeanor or 3 years for a felony in state court depending on facts and your rap sheet.

Barry Franklin Poulson

Barry Franklin Poulson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Hillsdale, MI

You keep asking the same thing. If he did nothing about it yet, he probably will never. Why would he care? He probably gets dozens of threats a week. AND, if you still stealing movies, stop that, too. Just quit worrying about it. You think that's going to worry a boxer. If he is mad, he'll punch your nose. No "statue" on that, except the statute of Joe's fist.

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