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What is the sentence for first degree assault in alabama

Lineville, AL |

a woman first offense was charged with first degree assault wanting to know the sentence

Attorney Answers 2

  1. If it is a first offense then it would be classified as a Class B felony.

    Class B felonies in Alabama carry a range of 2 years to 20 years.

    However, upon conviction a sentencing report/ probation report would need to be completed.

    Sentences vary depending on the location, the criminal history, work history and the seriousness of the offense.

    * This response does not mean a client-attorney relationship has started. This is simply and educational answer to help provide tools for consumers*

  2. In addition to being a class B felony punishable by 2 to 20 years, there could be an applicable weapons enhancement to the sentence.

    In Alabama, on an Assault I case, if a deadly weapon or dangerous weapon is used, it changes the range of punishment from 2 to 20 to 10 to 20 effectively raising the minimum sentence to 10 years.

    This is all conditional upon the woman having no prior felony convictions and this being her first offense.

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