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What is the salary of a criminal defense attorney?

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How much do criminal defense attorneys get paid from lowest price to highest price?
How are they paid?

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What kind of question is this? It depends on their level and where they work. How are they paid? With money, I think.

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What is the salary of a businessman? Answer-it depends. Most criminal defense attorneys are self-employed. They are paid by their clients. The more clients, the more they make. Others work for law firms. How much they make depends on how profitable the firm is and how upscale their clientele. Public defenders work for the state or federal court system. They get paid anywhere from $50-100,000, depending on their experience and the system in which they work. By contrast, the lawyers who represent high profile defendants, like OJ or a corporate CEO, could easily bill over $1 million for the case.

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I totally agree with the other attorney. This really can't be answered. If you are looking into it as a profession, just to give you an idea, public defenders in Florida make around $28,000, but if you are very lucky and graduate at the top of your class, you may earn a salary of $75.000. Most criminal defense attorneys are solo practitioners and they will probably tell you that some months they may make nothing while others they may earn several thousand dollars. Experience is a big factor, and sometimes just luck can factor it, e.g. Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's attorney. Bottom line, if you're looking to get rich doing criminal defense, I don't suggest it as a profession.

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