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What is the range of contingency fees for probate lawyer in Michigan? Trustee removal, probate.

Detroit, MI |
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I am out of state or and need a good litigate\lawyer to represent me. It will have to be contingency.
Precent of my share in the estate? How does it work?

What are typical fees? How does a person who does not have retainer fees upfront get a good lawyer?

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    I routinely assist out of state Clients in Probate Court.

    Attorney fees and out of pocket expenses are approved by the Court after an itemized Statement for Legal Services is presented the Court for review. My hourly is rate is competitive with that of legal practioners in Genesee County, Michigan.

    Contingent fees are not favored by the Court.

    To retain me I would email you a Retainer Agreement that you may esign and return to me. I can explain how to esign. For Propabe Work I usually accept a small retainer such as $500 and then collect the Attorney Fees at the end of the case.

    Very truly yours,
    Douglas J. Callahan
    Attorney at Law

  2. Probate lawyers are not allowed to charge a contingency or share of the estate in Michigan.

  3. Can not do it on a contingency. There are other ways I have done my fee agreement when the client does not have up front money.

  4. You may need to try to borrow the retainer fee from family or friends if the case is worth it. A good attorney will advise you on whether you have a strong case or not and help you decide whether it's worth pursuing.

  5. There are as many answers to your questions as there are lawyers who handle probate litigation in Michigan. You will have to interviewed probate lawyers until you find someone who is a good fit.

    I am licensed to practice law in Michigan and Virginia and regularly handle cases of this sort. My answering your question does not establish an attorney-client relationship. You should consult a lawyer so you can tell the lawyer the entire situation and get legal advice that is precisely tailored to your case.

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