What is the purpose of filling forms FL-150 and FL-142 in my divorce case?

Asked about 2 years ago - Marina Del Rey, CA

I'm getting divorced and I have no kids, just common assets and an apartment. I am currently completing the forms FL-150 and FL-142. I would like to know the purpose of filling these forms in my divorce.

After filling out these forms which is the next step? Can I have access to information that my ex husband filled out in the forms FL-150 and FL-142? Also, can my ex-husband see the information that I will write in this forms?

I have no copies of the taxes that my ex-husband did with me last year, I am a housewife and he never let me work or learn about financial things. What should I write if I have no copy of the taxes?

Do forms FL-150 and FL 142 need to be filed with the court, or just served?

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    Answered . The first answer is correct in that the purpose is to provide full and fair financial disclosure. You fill out the FL150, FL142, and FL140. Serve each on your spouse by mail. You file the FL150 and FL142, but you don't file the FL140.

    Your spouse is required to serve these forms on you as well. If they don't you can file a motion with the court asking them to compel your spouse to exchange this information.

    If you don't have copies of your tax returns, I would suggest contacting the IRS. You will have to send them their Form # 4506. You can find it at the link provided below.

    If you have no kids and relatively little assets, you should look online and see if you qualify for summary dissolution. It would be faster, cheaper and easier for both you and your spouse.

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  2. Nadine Marie Jett

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    Answered . The purpose of these forms is to make a full and accurate disclosure to your spouse of all assets and debts, as well as income, so that the spouse and/or court can determine a fair and equal division as well as calculate support, if that becomes an issue.

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  3. Joseph Torri

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues. You should also consider retaining an attorney.


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