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What is the punishment for falsifying an official document?(A birth certificate).

Hays, KS |

I know it's a crime.But,is it a felony?And what is the maximum penalty in the state of KS?

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As my colleague correctly pointed out, KS classifies falsification of official documentation such as a birth certificate as a Class A misdemeanor. For a Class A misdemeanor, the highest penalty is 1 year of jail time. I am unsure as to whether fines accompany the penalty. I am guessing they will but you would want to consult with a criminal defense attorney in KS regarding same. Of note, if you have prior criminal convictions on your record, those prior convictions will be taken into consideration when determining the penalty. The more extensive your criminal history, the more serious your sentence will be.

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I have posted a link below for you. It's a link to the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services, BIrth Certificate Fraud Publication.

I hope this helps you.

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In my state its a Class I misdemeanor (1 yr/$2500 fine).

With a quick check of KS statutes it appears to be a Class A misdemeanor. Like my state, the KS Class A Misdemeanor carries up to a one year jail sentence (See KS 21-3812)

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